If you have reached this site you have found a ever expanding collection of free high resolution library of texture images. We specialize in environment, man made, and organic textures for use in digital media and 3D model texturing for games, web, and video. All images are photographed by myself on my trusted cannon D7 with minimal post work done in Photoshop to ensure quality and usefulness. I am an experienced 3D artist so besides being the admin of the site I also use images from this site in both personal and commercial work. Suggestions and comments are always welcome (except for those dang spam bots) so feel free to leave a message.

grunge wall texture bare wood texture 2 Free gray cobblestone texture 2 bamboo bushes 4


  1. I couldn´t find any license information on your website,so I have to ask:
    Am I allowed to redistribute your textures (in a Scene) for example on a website like Blendswap.com? Of course I would link your website in the description…

  2. Hi, same message as above really. Cannot find any licensing details, are we ok to use these as a website background for example? Thanks

    • All images may be used in both commercial and professional projects. Just please do not redistribute textures without consent.

  3. Could I use your textures in a blender lightkit? It would be a Lightroom with materials, and the materials would use the textures, it wouldn’t just be the textures themselves, but nodes and materials being affected by bump and such through the textures. The textures would be embedded into the software. If I can that would be great. Also if I could would I be able to sell this or not? I will make sure to give credit to you. Also, would these textures be allowed to used in free intro templates? They would be used to add to the materials. Once again full credit will be provided.
    Thank you.

  4. Yes that would be fine

  5. Hi, I’m a high-schooler who’s doing a history project. I was wondering if I can use the image “Dirty White Block Wall Texture” in my history fair project as my powerpoint background? I will give you full credits as well in my works cited page.

    Thanks a lot

  6. Love them, especially the rich browns of your “seamless wood paneling” photo. Exquisiteness! Thank you.

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